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Chocolate Havanese Puppy Bridger


Little Bridger went to his new family in Wyoming

Bridger - Male Chocolate Havanese Puppy

“Dear Jackie and Brent:  We know we have the best possible puppy in the world. Let me tell you about our day after we left you:

Bridger slept on my lap off and on for most of the two hundred miles home. He and Nette have played happily and have really gotten to know each other. Watching them play it's clear that Nette is being restrained and after romping around for a few minutes, they both lie down, face each other and rest. They are going to be great pals for life.


Every claim you've made about Havanese puppies is right. He plays when we want to play (or Nette does); he rests comfortably when we don't. He's been no trouble at all. He's gone to his new little bed that we'd place a tiny stuffed lion into and settled there for long moments. He also carries the lion around and then returns it to his bed. Smart dog!

We couldn't be more thrilled with this new edition to our family. You two have done an incredible job with these puppies, their parents, and your uncertain potential owners. We simply couldn't be happier. I've attached three pictures. But you'll be getting more later.

With gratitude, M and D"

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